Urbanix Gym - Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Urbanix Gym - Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Urbanix Gym - Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Urbanix Gym - Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Urbanix Gym - Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Terms and Conditions

Under the Urbanix Terms and Conditions, the ‘Buyer’ is purchasing or reviewing to purchase goods and the ‘Company’ is providing the goods. The Buyer’s signature is confirmation of acceptance and approval of an order. Upon acceptance of signed order the Company has the right to acceptance or non-acceptance of the order. If the order is found to be acceptable and in proper working condition, both parties are agreeing to do business under these Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

Warranty: All products come with a warranty. The warranty assumes that all products are shipped free from manufacturing defects in materials, structure, workmanship or finish. The warranty does not include damage resulting from abuse, negligence, misuse, extreme weather conditions, accidents, shipping damage, fire, flood or any other condition that would not be considered normal use or normal facility application. Any warranty disputes will be at the sole discretion of the manufacturer who reserves the option to replace, repair, or refund if the product is found defective upon inspection. A clear photograph of the defect also may be necessary to support the claim.

Prices & Products: All prices are subject to change without notice. Product pricing does not include any freight, installation, sales taxes or other miscellaneous costs. Product specifications including colour may vary from the brochure. Prices are provided upon request and valid until the end of the year. Prices are quoted in USD for convenience only, and are subject to currency fluctuation between CNY and USD. Prices may vary according to quantity and client’s VIP level. The prices do not include shipping or handling, however, we are providing these services for extra charge.

Orders: Orders may be sent via fax, email or mail, and must include complete billing and shipping information, item numbers, installation method and colour set. Minimum orders are based on case pack volumes only, as our casing programs are designed to minimize freight cost. All orders are subject to acceptance by Company. A signed order form may be required by Company to confirm an order, even if Buyer uses a purchase order.

Processing of Orders: Sales transactions will be processed by our sales representatives and distributors whowill fulfil the order directly from the factory. This may include entering the order, processing the payment, shipping and installing the products.

Change Orders: Product orders are immediately scheduled for delivery when order is received, and placed into a specified production run based on your original required delivery dates. A minimum of fifteen (15) business days’ notice is required to change delivery or shipping dates. Shorter notice may cause you to incur storage charges, re-consignment charges or redelivery charges.

Payment Terms: Oftentimes, orders and all custom orders require full payment upon placement of order and prior to shipping. Orders placed will be charged 30% to commence production, and settle the balance before loading. Repeat customers that have historically proven to Company to have good credit standing may be offered payment terms or options. A monthly service charge of 1.8% of the outstanding balance will be added to all past due invoices. Buyer shall be liable to pay all reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs and other related collection costs and expenses incurred by Company in an effort to get an invoice paid.

Prior to Ordering: It is the Buyer’s sole responsibility to verify such goods quoted or ordered meets required or reasonably acceptable standards and specifications. Company makes no implication on quoting the exacting quantity, brand or standards and specifications to which the Buyer may be bound. Company submits proposals, quotations and floor plans based upon the general equipment needs, room size and quantities as communicated by Buyer to Company. Prior to ordering, Buyer assumes sole responsibility for confirming the goods quoted or purchased will fit in the area properly to meet any standards Buyer may be bound to.

Assembly: Some products require assembly and will be shipped with directions. Professional installation and assembly services are available through third party individuals and companies at cost. If you need these services, please inquire with sales or customer service.

Maintenance: All products require regular preventative maintenance and inspection. Preventative maintenance is required to provide property warranty coverage and is not covered by warranty; it is a general maintenance item. Painted surfaces should be touched-up with paint when scratched. All products should be kept clean and inspected on a regular basis.

Availability: Products are manufactured to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for normal lead time. Shipping times vary, depending on Buyer’s location. Please contact customer service for availability and shipping options.

Parts & Repair: Replacement parts are available and can be provided by contacting our sales team. In addition, local supply stores may have general components and touch up paint that would meet satisfactory repair expectations. Buyer understands that Company conducts best efforts in coordinating repairs on the goods purchased. Company will provide its ‘best efforts’ to coordinate service and parts in a timely manner of the particular product needing service.

Custom Orders: The Company welcomes custom orders to manufacture products to client’s specifications whenever possible. Please submit custom requests to our corporate email address, and our manufacturing department will contact you to arrange pricing and availability.

Shipping: All products are shipped freight collect, prepay and add to invoice or third party bill to the customer. On pre-approved orders we can provide a ‘pre-pay and add to invoice’ option. All products are generally shipped on common carrier service. Other freight options may be offered at additional costs, including expedited service, inside delivery, re-consignments, storage fees, van line service or installed delivery services. A specific carrier of choice must be indicated clearly on the purchase order or sales order.

Remedies: Company shall be authorized by and Buyer hereby grants Company permission to enter upon premises, leased or owned by Buyer, to recover goods that have not been successfully paid for under terms arrangement by Buyer.

Time of Essence: Company cannot be held responsible and Buyer agrees not to ask Company to be held responsible for default in delivery or delays in shipments and Buyer understands the Company is giving best efforts to meet delivery deadlines.

Taxes:Where applicable, recipient is responsible for state sales and/or use tax (unless applicant provides sales use tax exempt certificate), or by any other government authority, whether federal,